Best practice for the Landing Page

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Have you ever thought about what is a landing page? And what is its importance?

Well, a landing page is where the conversion happens. Moreover, its main purpose is to obtain an action from a user, most often via and interaction with CTA that is a central part of the page. In the landing page, visitors are directed by clicking on an Offer consisting of a links and downloads specifically designed to convert visitors into Leads.

Let's see how you can make your landing page works in an effective way.

The first thing is that it must be carefully prepared to welcome your visitors, with a persuasive content that attracts their attention and get you the right Traffic.

The second thing is that it must meet your visitors' needs and matches their intention.

The latter plays a major role in increasing your conversion rate, consequently, decrease the cost of conversion.

Furthermore, it contains the call to action which will push your visitors to the next step on your Website.

Therefore, each element on your page must be aligned with the subject and Purpose of the page.

However, you have to test several landing pages to know which one fits better.

Landing pages need to be planned, designed and executed.

First, it has to be well-designed and optimized. In fact, landing pages are critical because they are a mean for generating leads for your Business. Thus, you must keep your audience in mind when creating every aspect, from the headline to the button copy. So, it should include an eye-catching header to attract the attention of your prospects. For instance, you can use images, well-designed form and most important a "Thank you" page.

As long as visitors land on your page, you don’t want them to leave until they get the information and receive your offer. For that reason, it’s important to minimize your navigation options.

Therefore, your landing page have to contain a few sentences or bullet points that clearly state what your offer includes and why it’s valuable to make all the difference here.

The last thing, it is crucial that you remove all the distracting elements from your landing page to keep your visitor focused on the action you have prepared for him.

As a result, landing pages can be a great tool of traffic's attraction, and it can also get you a targeted traffic if you know how to design and manage it correctly.

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