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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

call to action
call to action

CTA is an expression that stands for «call to action". It is designed to attract an immediate interaction or encourage people to take a desired action called conversion. These actions can be illustrated in:

  • Purchase, click.

  • Download our e-book.

  • Enroll in our event, webinar...

  • Subscribe to our newsletters...etc.

Nevertheless, you don’t need just any CTA; you would want a strong one that convinces people to act. Then, for a successful call to action; you must do two things.

First, give or clearly inform what the visitor must do.

Second, give the reason or the fuel to do it. For example, provide a click for more information, or sign up for the next offer and promotion...etc.

If one of these two steps is missing or poorly formulated, your call to action may fail. Unlike frequently known CALL TO ACTION, it can also be the LONG because the most important thing is to convey a clear and complete message.

Your message should consist of numerous basic elements like:

-Accuracy; where you have to explain exactly what you want to convey to your website' visitors like "free trial", "get a discount"... Etc.

- Creativity; you have to create a new call to action that captures your visitor's attention with fonts, colors, an appropriate website design to get the message across.

- Activity; think about using action verbs in your message to get your visitor out of his passivity. For instance, use verbs like, follow, subscribe, enroll, watch...etc.

- The limit; here you need to inform your visitor about the limited time, space, or number so he will take immediate action. For that is your aim from CTA.

- Simplicity; which is the execution of your call to action in a simple way, so you don't frustrate your visitor.

- Appearance; the location of your call to action must be visible on your website page linked with the messages.

As a result, CTA is a magic key to get you Traffic. Yet, you have to test several call to action’ methods, so you can analyze which is the best in conversion rate and based on that you will choose the optimal call-to-action message.

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