How do you reach your GOAL?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

How do you reach your goal?
How do you reach your goal?

Who doesn't have dreams? We all have, right! Yet, a dream without a goal remains a dream forever. The right question is how to realize your goals? We can reach a goal except if it is SMART.

The acronym SMART refers to five basic elements that should be taken into consideration while setting your goal. It is a memory-aid for your plans.

The first letter which stands for Specific.

It is the first thing you do in goal-setting, where you have to decide what you exactly want to achieve. Moreover, you clarify the vague resolutions and goals into specific ones. For instance, you want to gain a lot of money, but you need to set a specific amount like; "I will make 90000$ per month".

The second letter that stands for Measurable.

Measuring your goals means to accurately identify the elements of your goal so it can be motivating and meaningful. For instance, the goal is big, so you can break it into small manageable pieces, to achieve it step by step and not getting demotivated.

The third thing, your goal should be Attainable.

In this step you weigh your goal in time, efforts and other costs, to see whether it is realizable or not. It's right that there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, as you might end up at the moon, but you should follow efficient small steps to get to your goal.

Another important element, is your goal should be Relevant.

You have to be reasonable in your plans. It means that your plans should be relevant to your career goals. It is better not to make plans that will cost you a waste of time and energy, but instead, use it in relevant plans that will result in your long-term goals.

The last and the most precious is Time-bound or Time-based.

It is not wrong that they say, TIME IS MONEY! The fact that you start setting your goal, you will always have to make deadlines for your plans. That is what makes people turn to action and stick to the plan. What is more important is to keep the timeline realistic and flexible.

As a result, you can see from what you have read the importance of goal-setting and SMART. Using this method will help you gain time, energy, efforts and your goals realized. It will even teach you discipline and consistency.

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