How to close a deal ?

Close a Deal
Close a Deal

It is crucial for any business or a company to close a deal. However, it is also crucial to know how to close the deal.

First of all, create a UNIQUE OFFER; which is limited in time, in quantity, in the number of beneficiaries...etc.

Secondly, you need to create packages, highlighting the benefits that the customer will receive if he purchases this pack.

Third thing to pay attention to is, the counter-attack. For instance, if the customer asks for something, because he is in a position of strength, and you are able to accept his request, you can make a counter-attack by accepting his request, but only if he does an immediate purchase.

Use the imagination. It is wise to let your potential customer use your product for your service; it will make him in dream and remove all the fears about purchasing your product or service. In addition, you will identify new arguments if necessary to provide and conclude the sale.

Furthermore, use the test question. After you have done a demonstration of your product, ask a test question to find out if your product meets your customers' needs and requirements, then, according to their answer you can adapt your message removing their fears by confirming its affirmation.

A great method to use is to create a lack. For example, if your customers ask about price reduction or request supplements in your offer you can grant them that, but by decreasing the characteristics of your products or services, your customers will focus on the lack of your products that they missed, if they will not pay your price and forget the reduction request.

More importantly, you have to identify your interlocutors as you will know who is for your solution and who is against; how the decision maker and how the decision helper are.

Last point is to be factual and argue your offer with real facts and figures that are easily understandable.

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