How to create a best offer to your client ?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Best Offer
Best Offer

The first thing you must know is what your prospects need, because no need means no sale. Besides that, knowing your customers' needs is crucial, it helps you in providing and serving a product/ service to satisfy their needs.

Furthermore, what's the best way to know your customers' needs? For instance, you ask them direct questions, like.

What is your main problem in this topic (which you want to provide a solution for)?

have you tried to fix it? Do you think it's difficult or easy to solve it? Have you seen anyone trying to solve it?

In another case, what if your prospect tries a product or a service of your competitor? Therefore, you can try to gather/ collect as much information as possible about his experience with your competitors, and to know the pros and cons of this solution which will allow you to formulate the best possible offer ever.

Moreover, you have to push yourself to express their needs emotionally, that would be a motivation for the solution that you will suggest.

Finally, that you knew the needs of your prospects and you have prepared the best offer, it is the time to ask the question, Why we could not sell?, this question will allow you to analyze the sales' process and find out where is the problem to solve it.

the external analysis are done through the analysis of competitors, economic and commercial environment.

As a result, if you aspire to meet your customers' needs, there is no better way than to put yourselves in their shoes, and provide them exactly with what they need and desire.

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