How to grow your business with Mobile Advertising?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Who doesn't use mobiles nowadays? No one right! In fact, the more people spend time on their mobile phones, the more opportunities you have to grow your business in a blink of an eye.

Companies are increasingly seeing mobile advertising as a channel to reach their customers easily.

In this approach we will target our customers by taking advantage of the additional options and features provided by mobiles.

For example, phone calls, geolocalization and gps, cameras and sms ...etc. Yet, mobiles have a large and diversified means in advertising; such as, social media advertising, video mobile advertising, display ads mobile and mobile research ads.

Start with mobile advertising on social media. Social media is used mostly by mobile, hence the reaching of your target by social media, especially with the targeting choices provided by social networks. As a result, mobile advertising is strongly advised, but with certain conditions to be followed as below:

Firstly, you have to choose the right content for each social media, because there are some people who glorify words, others pictures, others videos and even others who favors a combination of written content with images and videos ... etc.

Secondly, you must create a campaign content by knowing which will be mostly widespread on mobile devices.

Thirdly, you need to think about format, size and optimization on mobile devices.

The second mean is, video mobile advertising: it is about making relevant mobile video ads which will result in more engagement and conversion of your traffic than another format will do. However, your video must be clear, accurate, short with a good CALL TO ACTION. Shortly said; a direct to the point video which will influence your traffic positively.

The third mean is, display ads mobile. Fortunately, websites or apps offer advertising spaces in the display area, the size and dimensions are different and that is why while preparing for the display advertising, you must choose several formats for a better display. The crucial thing is to choose where to place your advertisements. For instance, if you are a bank and you want to promote a leasing end, it would be better to target the websites of car sales, real estate agencies or bank loan calculation applications.

The last mean is mobile research ads; this only happens on mobile search engines. It's a perfect alternative if you are not in the search results. In addition, you can pay per print and when your budget is fully manageable and measurable, you can add extensions to your advertising to increase the attraction and conversion of your targeted traffic. To illustrate, you can add extension Maps or/ and phone call.

As a conclusion, you would definitely like to be one of mobile advertising users, because it is the ultimate choice of this era, that everyone are using and in a very excessive way, so it will be a perfect tool for converting traffic on your business website.

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