How to increase the traffic on your website from social media?

“Content is fire, Social media is gasoline” said Jay Baer, Nowadays, social media has become more than just a tool of communication, but a tool to get targeted traffic to your business. However, your knowledge of using social media channels is important. Equally important, is how to have an audience and how to keep it engaged. Therefore, the mastery of this latter is like the mastery of your passion.

Let’s have a brief introduction on these social media platforms.

The most common platforms among social network are; Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These are considered as personal networks that connect you with friends. Moreover, it has become a space to build a community around your business and foster relationships with your audience. For instance, understanding how the news feed works will help you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. In addition, using Facebook and instagram ads to promote your website content is what will get your audience engaged.

Twitter is another platform that generates thousands of small and fast messages. Tweeting so often will keep feeding your stream; especially, that 92% of tweets are done via link clicks which is useful for your website to spread fast and get you more traffic, by using hashtags, shareable visuals and mentioning influencers.

Linkedin is no longer an online resume, it is your digital reputation”, by Jill Rowley. Another ideal platform for B2B companies, which is designated only for professionals. In fact, Linkedin allows you to join groups and build connections with targeted people. Furthermore, it engages your network by posting article links, including questions, statistics or your personal view on it. On a whole it is certainly the best platform to get the right job or the right employee.

What is the best place that is used by women a lot? Well, it is definitely Pinterest.

Pinterest is a synthetic platform that uses high quality professional pictures. By creating blog boards and being consistent in your pins on Pinterest, will make it easy for your followers to find you.

The last for the best. Personally, YouTube is one of my favourite social networks. It is a video-sharing platform that generates a tremendous traffic to your website. Using videos is much more impressive to increase Brand Awareness. Besides, engaging your audience in an everyday updated videos will surely gain you loyalists and potential traffic.

As a result, considering the use of one of these social media platforms is a must for your website traffic. What is important is to master what you choose in your best service.

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