How to set your SMART goal? (case study)

Smart Goal map
Smart Goal map

An online clothing store for women, has designed a new collection for summer and they wanted my help in launching the collection successfully and attract visitors as much as I can to their page.

Before preparing an action plan, we first have to accurately define our SMART Goal.

For our Specific goal, we want to increase the number of visitors coming from turkey to our website.

For our Measurable goal, as a first step we can get 08% of visitors, then we can reach 15% for women between 15 to 45 years old.

For our Attainable goal, launching the new summer collection with a whole new feed on our page will definitely increase our traffic to 9.2%, our page will appear in the third place in search results instead of fifth place, and that's of course, because of the publication and sharing of several positive opinions from our former customers.

For our Relevant goal, with the samples of clothes we offer to influencers, our online store will gain trustworthiness and reliability. Therefore, our visitors will surely convert to our future customers and loyalists.

For our Time-bound goal, we get the 8% of traffic in twenty days after launching the collection, and 15% after two months, during the summer sales.

Our goal will be easy and simple to get, because it was set as SMART goal. Furthermore, this will make our action plan easier to establish.

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