How to take advantage of mobile air to develop your business ?

Mobile Air
Mobile Air

Thinking about mobiles as a tremendous source of traffic is extremely fascinating, because, we look at our phones almost 60 times a day, we spend at least 2 hours on it. Besides that, we use our mobiles plus the use of desktop and television together.

By 2020, searches and navigations done by mobiles will reach 80%. The kicker is that mobiles don't do only what desktops do, but mobiles also have other features and options that can be used to promote your business, such as, GPS to guide someone to your store, place a call directly from a website or an application like INSTAGRAM and lastly, to make flight or hotel reservations from different apps with a special discount if you book from your mobile...etc. Therefore, you need to take advantage of mobile air to grow your business.

The first thing you must start with is to set a mobile-oriented strategy, but decide what the fundamentals of your strategy are.

On one side, you should create a suitable mobile website. What I mean by suitable is to create a website that works great on mobiles, we call this a friendly mobile website. Additionally, you have to make responsive websites that adapt and tolerate images and content to the size of the mobile screens of visitors.

On another side, don't forget the importance of mobile SEO, by making websites a better experience for mobile users; such as, fast loading on websites which gives an impressive performance, the addition of maps' extension to your mobile website that drives visitors to your store, and to make it accessible to share your page on social networks.

The last thing you can do is to adapt your action in general. For instance, if you create an advertising campaign, it will be better to:

• Add the call to action button for direct calls.

• To send SMS ID needed.

• Select mobile in the device choices to target your audience increasingly.

As a conclusion, what we call a mobile phone is not that simply just a mobile. It is definitely a SMART PHONE that does millions of useful aids and options. Nevertheless, all you have to do is to be aware of how to use it in your service and in your audience' service.

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