The four steps of search engine operation

Search Engine Operation
Search Engine Operation

We don't spend a day without searching for something on search engines, for that they are irreplaceable in our daily life. The great thing about them is in one click, you can make a search on what you are looking for on search engines. I will reveal to you why they are a mind-blowing place to market for your business.

For instance, let's say you are a language school and if a student is looking for a good school with good teachers, it is ideal for you to appear on search engines' results page, because it makes you in direct contact with the right people who need you. Yet, you have to know how search engines work and how does it find your web page?

Lastly, how to show the results quickly?

I am going to provide you with the four steps for search engine operation.

First is CRAWLING. It is where search engines use algorithms called BOT to discover, examine and inspect your content page so it learns about you. Their only mission is to visit and revisit web pages to choose the best, it never stops.

Second is INDEXING. This step analyzes and understands the content of your web page; it lists your web page according to your content.

Third is RANKING. It is about ranking the best results for the researchers, to offer them the most relevant and accurate results.

Forth is DISPLAY. It shows the search results to the searcher; display them on a page with a particular ranking.

As a result, now you can OPTIMISE your pages, to make sure that search engines will display them in the results, like choosing a name for your web page that best fit your business or to describe exactly your page web content.

Moreover, a clear and simple content would add up to your value on search engines.

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