Top 5 web Traffic Sources

Web Traffic
Web Traffic

Have you ever wondered about getting more visitors to your website? Well, you certainly need to know about the web traffic sources. Web traffic is not only about getting a traffic, but about getting the targeted and relevant traffic, because it is crucial for your business and quality growth.

What are the most widespread web traffic sources?

One of the most known sources is SEARCH ENGINE. In fact, search engine refers to the results that appear out of your searchings on worldwide search engines such as; Google, Bing, Yahoo… etc. It allows you to look up for different information on different web pages. For instance, according to the netmarketshare, Google is dominating 73% of searches nowadays. Therefore it is definitely important to use search engines to get traffic.

You may be curious about the next source, right ! It is the hype of technology, which is SOCIAL MEDIA. It is common that social media can help you get more people to your website. For instance, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT, PINTEREST, AND LINKEDIN...etc has become one of the most overwhelming sources that lead to an apparent increase in your website traffic and most importantly for your brand recognition. Using SOCIAL MEDIA will certainly be more welcoming by promoting your blog content and make it easily shareable. In addition, you can spot your audience attention in different ways.

Using other sources once in while is a great shift. The ‘pay per click advertising’ that is an online advertising model, in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. We can distinguish many types of PPC, but what is mostly used is paid search ads. These ads pop up when people search online using search engines or other PPC providers; especially, when they are performing commercial searches, looking for items to buy online.

The source that may sound so old-fashioned, but it has a strong ring is Email Marketing. Indeed, email marketing is one of the most reliable aspects of marketing. In a brief way, neglecting its huge importance in getting your website a terrific number of visitors is a big waste. While running an email marketing campaign, it would be mind-blowing if you take in consideration sending newsletters and your website content to the recipients on a regular way, without forgetting to affiliate a link that leads your recipients back to your website. It is the use of this way that leads your website to get more visitors.

Nevertheless, our last source “Links”, which is the publication of your website on several social networks. Using links is a top notch idea to provide your readers with further information. To illustrate, the backlink is a type of links that links out your website from other websites, hence, it increases your traffic.

On the whole, these sources are all helpful and effective for your business. The most important thing is to know which source is the best fit for your business and how to manage it.

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