What is PPC?


Have you ever noticed the advertisements that show up on Google or other Search Engines and even on Social Media? Well, you already know what PPC is.

Pay per-click advertising or as it is called cost per-click advertising is an online advertising model that drives traffic to your website. You only pay when visitors click on your ads and route to your website or Social Media.

There are different types of PPC ads; such as paid search ads, display ads, Social Media ads and retargeting ads.

The most common type is paid search ads on Search Engines, that is when providers show your ads to users who search for certain keywords.

Equally common, Social Media ads. Due to the high number of users on Social Media you can easily get not only traffic, but potential customers to your website.

Display ads are also widely used. For example, banners, images even text ads pop up on different websites and they are definitely selected to attract a particular audience.

Retargeting ads which are also known as Remarketing. It is about using cookies on users’ browsers to show specific ads of what you have reacted about in your previous online searches.

PPC is the optimal advertising way for small business. Its major advantage is to get traffic under a budget control, besides you only pay when people click on your ad. In addition, it is used to track conversions for an average cost. For that reason, it works for 45% of small business with limited budget.

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