Why building a trusty relationship with your people is extremely important?

building a trusty relationship
building a trusty relationship

Nowadays, the vision of marketing has changed and it is no longer the same old-fashioned method, it is about how strong and important to make relationships with your customers and keep them satisfied.

Moreover, buyers today have all the power, where your buyer can know everything by few clicks on your product; such as the price, your company, your competitors and even the opinions of your former customers, therefore, whoever holds the information, also holds the power. So, your customers' trust is so important while doing your business; that is why you have to keep up the great work and service.

Customers change the brands they use at the slightest mistakes made by their providers. Even the most loyal ones give up their favourite brands after an irrelevant message, an after-sales service' disappointment, after a claim or the complicated way of placing an order and most importantly a product disappointment that will cost you a huge loss of loyalists.

In additional, do not forget that after unpleasant experiences, the majority of customers will never come back to order any of your products or services.

Another thing you must put in mind, is that you should know the conversion process, how a curious visitor can be turned to a loyalist and what the stages they go through are. If you miss a step in your conversion process, know that you will risk losing your visitor.

Additionally, you have to know that the acquisition of a new customer costs 10 times more than his loyalty service. You can make a profit of your customer from the second purchase.

Moreover, you should know that your customers are a great and a helpful source of information, where you can collect free tons of data and feedback, especially on social media networks.

Nevertheless, you have to understand that your presence on social media is a sword with two sides, that it can benefit your business as it can damage it. For instance, if a disgruntled customer talks about his dissatisfaction, he can hurt your brand image just by publishing a one-minute video or talks about it on his story or gives feedback on his blog which millions are following. Besides that, your competitors are waiting for the smallest opportunities to take your customers from your hands, and grow their business, so pay attention to your relational and how to behave with your customers.

As the world is constantly in a rush for the latest, you have to be at the same speed because customers are always requesting new experiences that they became more demanding from their brands, and aspiring for perfection.

After all, your happy customers results in a successful business and a satisfied boss.

Finally, you must guide your services; marketing, sales and after sales we go toward the satisfaction and the loyalty of your customers.

This is how you run the world today, Your customers are the most precious piece in your whole business, and they require a full attention and care.

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